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Home Remodeling Specification

The correct and successful home remodeling is the first step towards coziness and comfort. After all, the inconvenient arrangement of rooms, both in small and large buildings, causes considerable discomfort. If we’re talking about the city of Chicago we should consider the price of homes. It’s not cheap to purchase a remodeled comfortable home in Chicago, so lots of home-owners prefer to buy some inconvenient homes but with low prices, and then take home remodeling services in Chicago and adapt the homes to their own needs.

Home-owners remodel the homes according to their preferences, so it’s very difficult to find a home adapted to your own taste, but if you’re taking home remodeling services you can develop the project of its remodeling on;y on the basis of your preferences.

House Types

Private buildings are of different types and can be built from different materials. The possibility of redevelopment of the finished object depends on this. For example, your home might be:

  • for one family (cottages, villas, etc);

  • for several families – townhouses (small private houses with several apartments).

In the latter case, the planning solutions are more limited, since the apartments in the townhouse have the same layout, and their redevelopment is complicated by the presence of neighbors and the complex structure of the house. The exception is lane-houses – private buildings for several apartments with different layouts. All these details the customers can discuss with the remodeler. Professional remodelers give the estimation of the project and familiarize the customers with all the stages. If the customers misunderstand something they divide it into the parts and explain the necessity of each part.

The complexity and cost of redevelopment is also influenced by the materials from which the object is built. The experienced estimators consider all the factors and after researching the object give the estimation of its remodeling. Materials can be:

  • a stone;

  • various materials using frame technology;

  • wooden bar.

The planning project of the house should be developed exclusively by professionals. After all, the service life, functionality and comfort of the object itself directly depend on this.

Interior Remodeling: What to Look For?

The placement of each room should be influenced by:

  • the proximity of other premises;

  • illumination;

  • floor.

When working on the remodeling of a one-story house, you can be guided by two rules:

Place public spaces (dining room, living room, kitchen) in the center of the building, and bedrooms and a nursery at its edges.

Divide the whole house into two wings. In one of them, arrange public premises, in the other, arrange the bedrooms.

Both options involve separating the private area from the guest and kitchen areas. It makes homes more spacious, but it’s only a general approach. If you’re developing the project for yourself or ask the remodelers to develop it on the basis of your tastes, you receive an individual approach. You can change whatever you wish and ask for its implementation for the home remodeling company you’re hiring.

The remodeling of a two-story house is a little more complicated than a one-story one. At the same time there are lots of two-story homes which are remodeled in Chicago. This project is also possible and very interesting. You can implement various design ideas and live in the home of your dreams. Therefore, it is worth considering the main premises and the optimal ways of their distribution:

The living room is usually located on the ground floor, which contributes to the isolation of the upper, private area. It is advisable that this room is on the well-lit side, as this is where you will be spending a lot of time with your family and friends. If you look at the interiors of houses, photos of which are located on the specialized websites, you will see that the living rooms displayed on them are rooms saturated with daylight.

The kitchen and dining room are located on the ground floor. This reduces the cost of communications and contributes to an optimal microclimate in the kitchen.

Bedrooms and Children’s Bedrooms

Bedrooms and children’s bedrooms are located on the second floor. The interior design should promote good lighting, but be mindful of limiting bright light in the early hours.

The attic is used to equip an additional bedroom, study or library. Its possible purpose depends on the shape of the roof and temperature conditions.

Stairs Remodeling

The stairs to the upper floors are located along the walls, which makes it more compact. The stairs should start in the hallway, but sometimes designers use other techniques. It depends on the overall layout and area of the house. The main thing is that the exit to the attic is located in the area of roof ridge, otherwise the low slope will interfere with the normal operation of your stairs.

Professional designers find needful solutions and complete design projects of houses, regardless of their number of storeys, area of premises and materials used in the construction of facilities.

In Conclusion

This concept includes a whole range of repair work. Carrying out all the work on your own or with the help of just one specialist is simply an unrealistic task. To complete home remodeling in time, you need to have special skills in several areas at once. Therefore, if a high-quality result is important to you, it is best to invite a team in which each employee is strong in a certain niche. Only in this case, you are guaranteed to receive an updated apartment or house without any defects.

At the same time, complex repairs have many advantages:

  • repair work is carried out on time, so the renovation of the apartment will not drag on for many years;

  • you will be able to avoid alterations, which are often companions of self-repair; in which case, you can always demand from the company to correct all the shortcomings;

  • specialists are able to select materials with the best price-quality ratio;

  • you do not have to waste your time and nerves.

Provided that the work is done by real professionals, a comprehensive renovation will be the best option for updating the interior of your apartment.

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